The Hunt for Emerging Influential Blogs 2013 - My nominees

A year ago, The Urban Walker was nominated and won a spot in the Emerging Influential Blogs 2012. Time flies so fast and now, the same blog recognition project is on for the influencers of 2013.
This year is the 7th year for the long running writing project and it is awesome to be within it or a part of it.

I've been seeing various new and fresh budding blogs in my blog networks and social media connections and from what I can see, the thing has grown and matured differently. Gaining influence online is way far robust these days, specially with the help of social media tools. With that, allow me to share to you ten (10) blogs that I see emerging and influential.

Here goes my list for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2013:

1. San Josenyong Gala ( - This blog of a librarian from San Jose Del Monte is but a precious element of the fulfillment of his childhood dream - to travel the many great places of the Philippines. He seems to enjoy the ride and is very passionate in his new found media.

2. Curlydianne ( - Curlydianne is under the custodianship of a blogger from Taguig City, Metro Manila, Dianne. She is a marathon / running enthusiast and a food and fashion explorer as well. Her blog is a heavy fusion of sports and entertainment buzz.

3. TereSay ( - What can you expect from a web content writer since 2005? Teresa's blog is one of the blogs around where you can find the real meaning of passionate writing. If you need some great reads on finance, advocacy and education, is your place to be.

4. Wazzup Pilipinas ( - This is by far the most progressive community blog I've known, of course under the management of its very energetic founder Ross. Since establishment, a lot of meaningful engagements through events and such related to urban living have already been done. The blog's network is growing so fast; If you are one of its members, you know what I am trying to say.

5. Saranghae Korea ( - If you plan to visit or perhaps spend some years in South Korea, this blog can be your perfect eye opener. If you want some load of food and entertainment adventures, SaranghaeKorea is your place on the web to hop in.

6. If You Look Closely, Stu Traveled! ( - A blog from a Sporty Guy which can be labeled as the rich mix of civic, sports and entertainment updates.

7. The Traveling Panda ( - The Traveling Panda is owned by a Pangasinense who grew up in the urban jungle of Metro Manila. His adventures brought him into the realm of mountaineering and photography and is now aspiring to become an "advocate of Philippine tourism" with his vivid stories and photographs.

8. Social Media PH ( - Five months of being online and this blog is a budding social media news hub. I like the fact that its contents go hand in hand with the author's passion for blogging. With that, I shall be expecting a more dramatic growth in terms of social reach and influence, soon.

9. ( - I am all envious with the energy this blog's author has. If you are looking for some intensive gadget and related tech buzzes and reviews, Tech Buzz is the name.

10. Barako Newsline ( - A news blog that was created sometime in April this year. While it readies to acquire its own domain name, this blog hopes to venture into more dynamic news provision in the future.

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Good luck to my nominees!