Ceres Bus Accident in Cebu City

At least 1 dead while eight were hurt in a bus accident in Cebu City involving CERES bus. It might be too early to form a conclusion but accidents like these could have been prevented, infrastructure wise. According to Cebu Daily News, the bus fell after on its side after hitting a roadside concrete wall.
This brings to mind the importance of properly designed road crash barriers. To add to it, proper maintenance should be one of the top priorities before any trip has to be carried out. Apparently, the accident was caused by a brake malfunction.

Honestly, I have been looking forward for the full blown implementation, or at least major parts of what has been recommended out of the iRAP project.

iRAP or  International Road Assessment Programme was a project awarded to the Philippines in 2011, to assess and rate its roads' safety.

But then again, at the end of the line, a sound project is still impotent if not coupled with sincere and strong political champion-ship.