Department of Health Issues Warning on Public Pools

Department of Health Issues Warning on Public Pools -- Secretary Eric Tayag, Director of National Epidemiology Center (NEC) issued an advice to the public to be extra careful when taking a plunge in the public pools, as there could be a lot of diseases to be acquired.
Director Tayag said that taking a shower and washing of feet before going down the pool should be observed all the time. Urinating while in the pool is also discouraged. Although Chlorine maybe present in the water solution, the effect maybe hampered due to the large number of people in the pool.
Okay lang kung dalawa, tatlo lang naliligo, e, kung inokupa na ng lahat ‘yung pool? Mao-overwhelm ‘yung aksyon ng chlorine, lalo na ‘di ka nag-shower. Tapos ‘di nagtanggal ng make-up, tapos may mga langis ‘yung katawan mo. Lahat ng dumi nandun, dun ka pa kumakain,” babala pa ni Tayag sa isang panayam sa radyo.
Just in time for the summer craze. A lot of us maybe out in the nearby resorts to beat the heat but this reminder is a must-have in the list.

As per personal observation in Japan, kids are being asked to submit a stool sample to be tested for possible infections and things before the they can be allowed to use the pool in a kindergarten. I think this should be adopted in the Philippines, for obvious reasons.

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