Join the Exercise: Hop on to 7-11 7-Election Campaign

Join the Exercise: Hop on to 7-11 7-Election Campaign -- Following its success in carrying out 7-Election in 2010, 7-11 is up for yet another shot on the same activity to share with you the unique way to vote for your chosen candidates in the upcoming elections in May. In 2010, 7-Election results came up close to predicting the actual presidential winner and it's no other than PNOY.

The 7-Election promo will offer customers a fun method to vote for their preferred presidential candidate, senators and even party lists. The procedure would be: 1 cup = 1 barcode = 1 vote. Each cup bought will be representing a specific candidate.

This exercise is not new, as 7-11 in the US has been doing it since 2000. For information, here are the results garnered by the activity in America:

2000: Bush won over Gore
2004: Bush "outcupped" Kerry
2008: Obama had a BIG Gulp lead over McCain
2013: Obama won over Romney

Interesting right? Does it follow that 7-11 customers are most likely reliable source to get the feel of who will win a particular presidential election? Hop in and see what comes out!

This coming mid-term election in the Philippines, 7-11 wants to give out the same fun to its avid customers, hence there will be another opportunity to participate in a 7-Eleven Gulp, from March 20 to May 6, 2013. All 7-Eleven stores will be participating.

So basically:
Customers will be asked to vote for the party / coalition they support in the senatorial elections
  1. Customer chooses his / her cup
  2. Customer gets the drink
  3. Clerk scans the barcode
  4. Clerk asks which party has been chosen before scanning
  5. Payment
There is also an online extension of the 7-Election polls for you to vote without making a purchase. Just visit; Participants may only vote once, just like in the actual elections. If you are on Twitter, 7-11 7-Elections will be using the hashtag: #7Election

The leaderboards will be updated by the 7-11 stores on a weekly basis. You may also get updates from 7-11's public website, social media accounts and LED billboards located in the key transit areas of Metro Manila. Results will be published on May 7, 2013.

Head on to your nearest or preferred 7-11 store, talk the big gulp of your favorite cold drinks then choose your hypothetical candidate to join the fun exercise for the nation.

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