San Diego California to Consider Marijuana Vending Machines

San Diego California to Consider Marijuana Vending Machines -- Things could be a lot different when viewed in the context of the Philippine's case but, as per news a while ago, San Diego California is now looking into giving permission to sell marijuana from vending machines, sooner or later.

For your information, there has been a long standing "not-for-profit medical marijuana dispensary in operation since 2006 in Los Angeles". San Diego could be following suit.

KGTV-TV says San Diego city council is already booked to come up with a final ordinance permitting the machines to sell the drug for medical purpose. In order to prevent fraud, the machines will be requiring the buyers to provide fingerprint and a prepaid card.

For a start, San Diego is expecting to have at least 30 machines to carry out the selling. The machines will be installed by the firm Medbox.

Here comes the continuation of vending machines saga. While it is controversial to deal with marijuana in other countries in the world, a lot of many weird things are in fact being sold worldwide, via vending machines. In Japan, you can even find a machine that sells used lingerie, live rhinoceros beetles and fishing baits, umbrella, film and disposable cameras.

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  1. This wouldn't help the society as they will only increase the rate of addiction and abusive usage of this drug