NBI Arrests Chinese and Taiwanese Budol-Budol in the City

NBI Arrests Chinese and Taiwanese Budol-Budol in the City -- These guys operate in remote base here in Metro Manila while conducting their scams; They would call their victims in mainland China, inform them about certain relatives undergoing some trouble with the authorities. The next thing would be convincing the unsuspecting but surprised individuals to give out money to save their love ones from the said incident and the story goes on.

The arrested fellows were 18 Taiwanese and 2 Chinese nationals. Thirteen (13) of them plus two (2) Chinese were arrested in Tierra Bella Subdivision in Tandang Sora last Tuesday. A follow up operation was able to nab five (5) more Taiwanese in Barangay West Kamias last Wednesday.

These are the names of the arrested "Budol-Budol" gangs, the Taiwanese and Chinese version: Wu Zong-han, Lin Min-Lien, Chen Hsin-Hung, Hsu Hung-Cheng, Chang Heng-Hao, Wu Meilin, Duan Xiaojian, Liang Bing, Wu Shau-wei, Chang Yu-Yang, Chung Han-Sheng, Huang Cheng-Tung, Lin Shih-Wei, Wang Che-Yuan, Lin Yu-Tang, Huang Ping-Sheng, Huang Ping-Sheng, Huang Wen-Cheng, Tsai Jen-Tsung and Chen Wei-Hao.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) conducted the raids upon the request of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) and after securing a search warrant from Judge Zaldy Docena of the Malabon Regional Trial Court Branch 170 last March 12.

The arrested Chinese and Taiwanese guys are now charged as per violation of Section 9 Paragraph (j) of the Republic Act 8484, also known as the "Access Devices Regulation Law".

This is just alarming - first, they were on the drive of accessing  and defacing International computer data and networks, now they target their own countrymen for cash. Well, it is not an isolated and case, is it? This also happens  to some of our Filipino relatives working their heart out there in the foreign lands, then get scammed by a fellow Pinoy for a certain amount of peso.

Budol-Budol is a modus operandi that is also happening in many major cities of the Philippines, widely and in broad daylight. So if you ever find yourself walking the cities of Metro Manila, beware of the small talks initiated by some strangers around. They would lure and convince you to or about something and before you know it, your precious belongings are gone. Budol-Budol people also use blackmailing as one of their powerful tools in doing their crimes.

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