Japanese Inventor Keita Yagi Creates Urban Minimalist Desk Lamp Called STROKE

Japanese Inventor Keita Yagi Creates Urban Minimalist Desk Lamp Called STROKE -- Design genius Keita Yagi has been sweeping awards since 2006. Last year, one of his creations, a minimalist desk lamp that is very much suited for everybody's daily urban lighting requirements, received an award in the Red Dot Design Award 2012 held in France. Hence, Yagi's "STROKE" lamp is more than deserving to get featured here at The Urban Walker. If there is such a thing that I should be investing on to enhance my clerical activities at home and in the office, it will be no other than a STROKE lamp.
STROKE lamp brings in, the best light on a minimum structure composition. The system is minimalist at its best. The lamp is built out of a single pipe of 15mm in diameter. It is curved so that it does not interfere with computer monitors, assuming the assemblies are all on your desk.

STROKE lamp is equipped with a microcomputer within the pipe; It is there to trigger the explosion of the light gradually instead of an all-at-once illumination process. Calculated to cost only 40 yen ($0.4) per month, the lamp's LED light can be of service to you for up to 27 years.

Indeed a great product and remarkable contribution to an urban living setup from Keita Yagi. As of the latest, a STROKE lamp can be had for 39,900 yen (about $416 or about 17k PhP).

Here is a couple of videos that show how a STROKE lamp is being made.

Amazing what technology can do, as always. Now for a little bit about Keita Yagi, he has a graduate degree  on electronic engineering where he received several awards. Yagi then used to work at Fuji Film. At a young age of 29, he found his own company named Bsize Inc. (Credits on videos and photos)

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