Furusato Tsukuba Yui Matsuri, An International Bonding Festival

Furusato Tsukuba Yui Matsuri, An International Bonding Festival -- Yes, there is already such a thing in Japan, particularly in a city where I had the chance to spend some years for my graduate studies. Yui Matsuri was launched last year by University of Tsukuba. It is a festival where people from all walks of life, whether a foreigner or a commoner can mingle with each other for one of a kind getting-to-know-each-other set of activities.
Furusato Tsukuba Yui Matsuri
On March 16, which is this coming Saturday, the 2nd Furusato Tsukuba Yui Matsuri will be conducted at the Tsukuba Center Square, in front of the city concert hall, the NOVA HALL. I am sure that my Filipino folks who are still there in Tsukuba and nearby cities will be attending this special occasion. During any Matsuri (Festival), some sections of the urban roads are usually being closed to give way to street performances such as parades, dances and a lot more.
This time around, the Yui Matsuri will have the following line up of events:
  • Gourmet Tsukuba - there will be around 17 food shops to offer special menus for the crowd
  • Collaboration Stage - students to jointly perform some dances, music, characters shows, etc.
  • WAKUWAKU Hiroba - a workshop on science and nature, under the theme "Play in Tsukuba".
  • OHANASHI Object - a message board project wherein attendees of the festival can just write messages of their liking, addressed to everybody or perhaps a shout out for the great event.
Here is a promotional video (in Japanese though) regarding the Yui Matsuri:
For more information, you can visit the festival's site here.

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