Filipino I.T. Students Developed Pro-Environment Mobile Game

Filipino I.T. Students Developed Pro-Environment Mobile Game -- Philippine's iACADEMY being the first to teach animation in the Philippines came up with an environmentally dedicated mobile game called "CHIRP". It was developed by the school's students group named "CHASE!".

While iACADEMY believes that online mobile games have their own bright potentials in bringing the youth into a different level of gaming experiences, that is beneficial to the nature, team CHASE! with their CHIRP attended with pride the 2012 Microsoft Imagine Cup, a worldwide student technology competition.
In the game CHIRP, the player is to build his/her own community by way of gathering as many trashes as possible to gain points all throughout, followed by material segregation. This is to teach the children about the processes that nature undergo. Hence the game is mainly about care for the environment and at the same time, a fun way of appreciating and learning the art of waste matter segregation.
Team CHASE! almost made it to the final round of the elimination in the said Technology Cup. The team was able to reach the 3rd level elimination. Nevertheless, CHASE! is no doubt among the Top 100 entries worldwide.

The Team CHASE! members: Arnulfo Jose Albaniel, Karen Cate Arabit, Ronchristian Gruspe, Alvin Cris Uy, and Angela Grace Garong (Source:

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