Dancing Traffic Enforcers on the Road (VIDEOS)

Dancing Traffic Enforcer / Policeman in Araneta Center Cubao -- This is one jolly approach to deal with the stressful traffic condition in the Metro, at least for those who know how to cooperate and drive their way peacefully to get to their destinations in the day. Do you have this one of a kind traffic enforcers in your city, manning your busy road intersections? You got to have one! Personally, I would really love to witness this man in action and see how the vehicle flows with the magic his dance moves bring.

The man in uniform is delivers the job with smiles all the way his duty time. Enjoy the video below and get on with the beat of Michael Jackson's Billy Jean.
Dancing Traffic Enforcer in Araneta Cubao Video
This is one of the urban scenes that we can see in Quezon City, particularly in Araneta, Cubao area. It is one of the busiest business centers in Metro Manila, housing a huge mix of primary, secondary and tertiary service entities. Ever since I came to know the area, traffic congestion has been the general deal all throughout the day. It is good that in a small way, traffic flow enforcement is being carried out as easy as possible in the perspective of small portion, yet significant percent of the urban workforce of Cubao.

Meanwhile, it looks like there is more to what we got in Metro Manila. Meet the GenSan (General Santos) Traffic Enforcers doing the famous hit Harlem Shake, which has been sweeping the YouTube lands after the craze for PSY's Gangnam Style. Watch the video below:

GenSan Traffic Enforcers Doing the Harlem Shake Video
This phenomenon is not only happening in the Philippines. We also got the like of it in Rhode Island; Meet Tony Lepore who's been entertaining the drivers and pedestrians in downtown Providence since 1984. He definitely got some disco and salsa moves.

Rhode Island Dancing Traffic Enforcer Tony Lepore (http://www.telegraph.co.uk)

And last but not the least - Pyongyang Traffic Ladies, displaying a rather militaristic execution of traffic directing
Pyongyang Traffic Ladies
This may be not have the accompanied music but if you take a look at the movements of the traffic ladies, there is rhythm and order. I guess it adds to the factor of telling the motorists that they should be serious and alert while traversing a certain road section.

So do you have dancing traffic enforcer in your side of town? How do you feel having them in your streets while doing your usual urban travel rounds?

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