Birmingham Bishop Encourages Free Travel on Public Transport for Kids

Birmingham Bishop Encourages Free Travel on Public Transport for Kids -- Rt Rev David Urquhart called on the transport authorities and councils of Birmingham to consider the option of giving free transport to kids and other young people to address inequalities. His idea is one in the many proposals contained in the "Giving Hope Changing Lives" white paper for Birmingham that is intended to make it more inclusive.
Rt Rev David Urquhart said:
Against the backdrop of difficult economic times, globally, nationally and locally, we have to examine what our priorities are, how we use the resources we have and put the difficulties facing the most vulnerable people in our city at the forefront of decision-making.
Changes are inevitable, but should be made with care and I am very concerned that we keep focusing on the most vulnerable in our communities.
Giving Hope Changing Lives is about gaining a better understanding of the causes and effects of social exclusion and what works in tackling these issues, so that we are able to provide the support and services that are needed to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged individuals and families in our city.
In order to realize the above movement, the said white paper also tackled about developing the very basic skills of the workforce of Birmingham, which includes but not limited to increasing the city's living wages, access to technology, jobs fund and also encouragement of entrepreneurship.

Free public transport for the young generation is a bright idea. It can also be extended to the elder-lies in order to cater for the mobility needs and requirements of the aging members of Birmingham's population. (Source:

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