Acer Announces First Intel Smartphone - Acer Liquid C1

Acer Announces Its First Intel Smartphone, Acer Liquid C1 -- You probably know Acer as a printer and computer producing company but above that, it has also embarked on making smartphones and by that, it's got its first ever Intel smartphone - Acer Liquid C1. It is dubbed as the perfect companion for local smartphone enthusiasts who are always on the go for intense communications and lifestyle engagements.
Acer Liquid C1
The Acer Liquid C1 boasts a powerful Intel Z2420 1.2GHz processor. It is designed for the multi-tasking phone users like most of us in the corporate world. With this unit, you are guaranteed with sure fun when performing your daily mobile routines such as handling calls and using apps or perhaps web browsing.

Acer Liquid C1 is equipped with a 400MHz graphics engine. This ensures a ticket to enjoy applications that are graphics intensive. The engine will also deliver smooth views of your mobile videos and such, including superb sound quality for your hearing pleasures. You said lag? C1 got a sounding1 GB DDR2 memory!

Here are other features that you would love to know about Acer Liquid C1:
- 8 megapixel rear camera
- 5 frames-per-second photo shooting speed
- 4.3-inch TFT (540 x 960) with IPS Touch Capacitive multi-touch display
- quad-band 3G (for fast and smooth Internet connection)
- 2000mAh battery (you can watch videos, listen to music, take photos even up to 9 long hours)
- standby time (up to a staggering 400 hours)

For me as a mobile person, Acer Liquid C1 is more than perfect. I can be trigger happy with a phone's camera at times and with C1's features, I know I got another smartphone to eye for. Once I am back to my transport related surveys again where I will be heavily taking photos and videos to cover an urban traffic scene for future analyses, I am sure I will be needing a mobile gadget that can withstand intense camera usage.

Thanks to Acer Philippines for bringing this great gadget into the shores of Philippine mobile lands.

Learn more about Acer Liquid C1 via its Facebook page or you can just shop for Acer units through ( or

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