World's Largest Captive Crocodile Lolong Dies in the Philippines

World's Largest Captive Crocodile "Lolong" Dies in the Philippines -- News broke it that the largest saltwater crocodile in captivity has just died in the Philippines. The six (6) meters reptile was found with a bloated stomach and thereby declared as dead hours later. "Lolong" became a star in an eco-tourism park, after a capture, driven by a blame out of the death of at least one person. So obviously, the group of people who captured Lolong did not make any haste in finding out if the that dead person really died due to the animal's doing. Now is the time perhaps to carry that verification out, if the authority wish to or permit to.
Lolong was declared as the "world's largest in captivity by Guinness World Records last year". The crocodile was captured in September 2011 in the town of Bunawan, Agusan del Sur. After which, Lolong was put in the Bunawan Eco-Park and Research Center in Barangay Consuelo.

The giant reptile measured 6.17-meter-long (20.3-foot-long) and weighed 1,075 kilograms (2,370 pounds). He drew marvels from tourists, local and foreign alike. But in the past month, Lolong showed some strange changes specially in the color of his faeces. His unusually ballooning belly brought some attention too. 

Bunawan Mayor Edwin Elorde said:
He refused to eat since last month and we noticed a change in the colour of his faeces ..Our personnel also noticed an unusual ballooning of the reptile's belly
Elorde told Inquirer that wildlife experts will be conducting an investigation on the death of Lolong. The mayor hopes that the crocodile's body can be preserved so that people can still be able to see his wonders and mights, back when he was still alive.

Meanwhile, Australian media remarked that Lolong may pass Cassius, a recorded 5.48m reptile housed at a crocodile farm near Cairns in Queensland.

Weather condition might have affected Lolong's health and other required physical conditions. The people of Bunawan somehow mourn for the loss of the crocodile since it is their town's tourist attraction.

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