10 Major Cities in America with Worst Traffic Jams (Congestion and Delay)

10 Major Cities in America with Worst Traffic Jams (Congestion and Delay) -- Traffic congestion is one of the major issues in every major and even minor corridors in any urban centers in the world. Just like war, dubbed as the most profitable and unfinished business in the world, traffic congestion continuously emerge alongside developments. Major cites in the US like Washington D.C., Los Angeles-Long Beach and San Francisco recorded alarming figures on lost hours and congestion / delay cost per year - average lost hours is 63 while delay cost is around $1,300.

Take a look at the tabulated top 10 cities in America with worst traffic jams (Congestion and Delay); Source:

This is one of the major types of data that our government officials, specifically those within the planning and budget departments, should know and realize to the fullest terms. Only then can rational programs and projects be conceptualized and put into the deliberation table. Transport planning is not a game of shoot here and there but rather a set of rational steps, with reliable factual data to start on.

Here is a video report, addressing the above-mentioned data on congestion / delay cost and annual lost hours of the 10 major cities in the US.

I hope that we can do the same thing here in the Philippines. A similar type of data set will be a big plus for our local transport planners, engineers, legislators and even proponents of relevant projects in the future.

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  1. As a New Yorker who has lived in Boston and DC, all I can say is...so true. NYC isn't bad most of the time, since it has the grid. DC is a vacuum for workers and Boston is a city made up of streets that were once horse cart trails, so you can just imagine...

    Bring a book!