Suzuki Conducts Learn to Ride Program to Promote Motorcycle Safety

Suzuki  Conducts Learn to Ride Program to Promote Motorcycle Safety -- Motorcycle-related accident in the Philippines is quite alarming already and it cannot be denied that although there has been a lot of efforts from the government side, there are still plenty of rooms to improve things on. Just recently, we got the motorcycle lanes on Commonwealth Avenue and EDSA. A lot of feedback came up and up to now, such exclusive lanes have been on the discussion boards of various fora and seminars. Obviously, there is a debate over the users of the infrastructure and the infrastructure itself.
On February 14, Suzuki Philippines in cooperation with the country's Land Transportation Office (LTO) launched a second batch of its series of  Motorcycle Safety Learn to Ride Program. It aims to lessen the motorcycle-related incidents in the country. This program tapped the students from 8 different universities in the capital region. Suzuki president said:
Through them, we make the streets safer and better; through them, more people will know about the program
Suzuki’s partnership with the LTO gave a good impact to our commitment to safety
Being the only free safety riding program partnership between a manufacturer and LTO, the Motorcycle Safety Learn to Ride Program definitely has reached more Filipinos.
In strong support and dedication to instill safety among motorcycle riders, Suzuki graced the community by donating 16 motorcycle units and 32 helmets to the LTO.

Activities and partnerships like these should be promoted by the government. It will also be nice if motorcycle riders group or associations can be included in any future joint efforts to address motorcycle related incidents in the country. Kudos to Suzuki Philippines and LTO, nonetheless.

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