New License Plates According to Ecozones to Address Car Smuggling

New License Plates According to Ecozones to Address Car Smuggling -- Will this really curb car smuggling in the country? They greater concern is not really about what kind of measure will be implemented but rather how will it be executed and sustained. At the moment, the country's finance department would like the transportation officials to issue differently colored license plates for imported cars based on their respective ecozone.
Presently, firms are allowed to import vehicles into the country on a tax-free perks, with the condition that the units are only to be used within the ecozone premises. Finance Secretary Cesar V. Purisima stressed that some have been abusing the system and selling the vehicle units outside. Added Purisima:

We cannot have a level, competitive playing field if we do not strictly enforce the rules for everyone, even locators in ecozones. The new plates will keep our cars driving along daang matuwid (the straight and narrow path)

By doing so, authorities can easily detect cars that have been imported duty-free. Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio A. Abaya said, this can be incorporated in the future plans of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to standardize its vehicle plates for the entire country.

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