Leaked Ad Video for Google's New Chromebook Pixel

Leaked Ad Video for Google's New Chromebook Pixel -- I know, the urban techy spirit of you would want to own this one: Google's New Chromebook Pixel, the highest resolution laptop ever mad so far!  The said touchscreen computer is hailed for having the "highest resolution screen ever put" in a laptop unit. Talk about a whooping 239 pixels per inch res viewing for all of your computing needs and requirements.
The time must not have been ripe to subject the unit to public viewing but leakage is a leakage, hence, consider this as a preview of what Google has for us when it comes to crystal-clear computer process viewing.

Watch the "leaked online" video of the Chromebook Pixel laptop below:
It is hoped that this £1,049 device will give a smooth playing field for Apple's popular Macbook with its famous "Retina" displays measuring 220ppi.

Google's New 239 pixel per inch Chromebook Pixel is based around the thoughts of compatible environment with Google Docs, email and Chrome. This book is coming out from the main house so to speak. For all we know, Chromebooks have been manufactured by companies such as Samsung, Acer and HP, but this time around, the concoction comes from the main rig itself or shall we say, it is an in-house creation.
Google VP of Engineering Linus Upson spoke of the new version of Chromebook as having the technology to bring the best in hardware, software and design, in order to inspire future series of the Chromebooks.

Should this come into the market, I would be drooling over the thought of having one for my mapping and voluminous data processing chores. The Chromebook Pixel laptop will be a perfect partner in making and analyzing city maps, both mobile and workstation based. This will be out sometime in April this year, so watch out!

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