Indian Taxicabs Got Lady Drivers for the Lady Passengers

Indian Taxicabs Got Lady Drivers for the Lady Passengers -- Perhaps due to the world rage brought about by what happened to a 23-year-old Indian medical student who got gang-raped in New Delhi, India stepped up to cater its sensitive denomination of urban commuters - the Women.
What you see here is a lady taxi driver Chandani, 22 years and has been a taxi driver for the last four (4) years. She could be doing an unconditional work shift for a young woman like her but the situation calls it.
I am doing a very unconventional job for women. Given that I do night shifts, I carry pepper spray bottle and I'm trained in self-defense. Initially I faced a lot of problems but driving cabs at night has helped me to overcome my fears
This is gender sensitive taxi cab service in action. I think this can work in Metro Manila, given the fact that we do get a lot of similar issues, specially like that of the 22 year old student who suffered a very gruesome abuse from her heartless rapists. There could be downsides and apprehensions to address though - fake or illegal lady cab drivers can emerge too. Security measures and legitimacy must be secured first before similar service shall be implemented.

By default, the Philippines already got a bunch of abusive taxi drivers - stepping into having women driving taxicabs is another delicate measure to tackle.

Kudos to India for having Indian taxicabs, driven by women for the women.

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