High School Student on Field Trip in Tanay Ran Over by Bus

High School Student on Field Trip in Tanay Ran Over by Bus -- Last weekend was a very sad day for the families of a high school student who was ran over by a bus while she was taking photos of her classmates during a field trip in Tanay, Rizal.
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Carlos Villanueva, the driver who fatally ran over a second-year student of the Holy Spirit Academy in Malolos, Bulacan Rio Bianca Ramirez and injuring her classmates as well, is now facing criminal charges out of "negligence resulting in homicide, serious physical injuries and damage to government property".

Other charges were also added onto Villanueva are "Violation of the Women and Children's Protection Act", since the victims during the incident involved minors.

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) then issued a suspension order to the Advocate bus firm, the operator handling the bus involved in the accident. It is stipulated that during the course of the suspension order, the drivers of the company shall undergo drug tests and safety seminars.

My Take:
I think imposing stiffer requirements to our public transport vehicle drivers before they can actually get or even renew their licenses is really long overdue. After all of the accidents in the past, which resulted to countless cases of lost lives due to negligence and irresponsible delivery of public conveyance, our authorities are still stuck in the phenomenon of a 30-days or so suspension dose. After that, the erring drivers get into the streets again, smooth and easy. They should be well-educated and disciplined before they can take the wheels and drive us to where we want to go, SAFE and SOUND.

The contention should not be confined to just field trips alone. Things should be applied even to our urban bus drivers too. I supposed you know how these buses behave in EDSA wherein, they race to death just to get passengers.

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This brings me to a previous post titled "Bus Drivers and Conductors Fixed Salaries (Regular Pay Scheme) - Issues and Dilemma". But of course there are lots of things to consider but this method may just do some sort of a wonder to avert accidents that has been happening time and again.

Perhaps a mechanism on points system for drivers can also help in this issue. Drivers are to be given offense points card, wherein every violation, accidents or perhaps erring behaviors on the road shall be recorded. During every license renewal or benefits claims maybe, their offense points shall be recalled as reference for approval.

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