China Might Ban Barbecues in its Built-up Areas to Fight Smog

China Might Ban Barbecues in its Built-up Areas to Fight Air Pollution -- State media revealed that China is now thinking of taking on the "barbecue-related activities" of its major cities in order to address pollution that has been choking the republic's northern part. Just last month, a heavy smog invaded Beijing, causing health-related apprehensions and angry public reactions.
The pollution in China's capital is blamed on the emissions from coal burning in the power stations and exhaust fumes from vehicles. Beijng even resorted to ordering closure of some factories. According to official news agency Xinhua, the Ministry of Environmental Protection already issued guidelines about the legislation of the possible banning of bbq sessions in the urban areas. Should this contemplated move push through, Beijing's street food loving locals will surely protest.
According to Japan Times, China's rapid industrialization, parallel with the rising popularity of driving in the country, more and more toxic materials are spewed into the air. In the past months, the problem became all the more alarming as it crawls down to neighboring parts of Asia like Japan.

In a normal winter season, smog easily dissipates due to strong winds. But this year is a different case. The winds have not been strong enough for the said natural task, hence toxic clouds easily form up.

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