American Airlines Baggage / Luggage Prices and Fees

American Airlines Baggage / Luggage Prices and Fees -- For an American traveler or maybe a passenger who is going to use an American airline service, luggage prices and related fees are some of the basic things that must be clear and concise. For sure, no one wants to spend a huge amount of money just for an excess regular baggage in a not-so-crucial travel itinerary. Nevertheless, an informed passenger, of the governing range of prices for baggage items, will always be on the advantage side.
In a US airline, first and business class passengers as well as those that are listed as executive platinum and plain platinum members have the highest chance to have their baggage labeled as "priority". That means, their luggage may have to enjoy a Last-In Last Out or LILO system of cargo loading. Their checked-in baggage could then be retrieved first, comes the cargo alighting part of the trip.
Carrry-on Allowance - 1 Bag plus 1 Personal Item
Each person or passenger is given the allowance to carry with him/her one (1) bag and 1 personal item like a briefcase or similar small things such as purses and the like. Devices or supporting items such as jackets, pillows, blankets and books or maybe magazines do not count as personal items. It is a rule that all of the carry-on luggage must fit the overhead bin or under the seat spaces in front. The maximum dimensions of carry-on luggage is:
  • 45 linear in/114 cm (length + width + height) and;
  • not more than 22" long x 14" wide x 9" tall or 114cm (56 x 35 x 23 cm) 
Checked Baggage
For this one, a domestic and economy class ticket would have to abide by the following prices:
  • 1st Piece / Bag: $25 each way
  • 2nd Piece / Bag: $35 each way
Bag sizes:
  • Maximum Dimensions: 62 linear inches/157 cm (length + width + height)
  • Maximum Weight: 50 lb/23 kg
This cost and related requirements apply to the following airlines: 1) America Eagle, and 2) AmericanConnection®, for the flights within the US, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Excess Baggage Fees
Each of the excess luggage will have to incur $150 fee.

Overweight Baggage Fees
  • Any bag weighing 51-70lb: $100
  • Any bag weighing 70-100 lb: $20
  • Bags weighing more than 100 lb will be rejected
Oversize Baggage Fees
  • Any bag between 62-125 in: $200
  • Bags with overall dimensions that is over 126 inches will be rejected
When it comes to sports equipments or accessories, the charges are fixed depending on the type and degree of fragility or handling sensitivity. It is always a good practice to call the American airline you will be using to know more about the standing rules and regulations pertaining to sports equipments.

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