List of Public Utility Vehicles Complained to LTFRB via Twitter

List of  Public Utility Vehicles Complained to LTFRB via Twitter -- This just got in! We got a summary of matrix of  Public Utility Vehicles that were complained to the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) from December 7 to January 5, 2013 via micro blogging tool Twitter. The document shows the date of complaint, Twitter handle of the complainant, as well as the nature of complaint and plate number of the vehicles.

As what the official letter of LTFRB Executive Director Francisco Mendoza says, it forwarded the summarized information to related government agencies including the Land Transportation Office (LTO), Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and PNP Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG).

As per verification and findings of the LTFRB, the complained public utility vehicle units were actually "COLORUMS" or hold no official registration and legitimate franchise to operate as such. Hence, they are also marked for apprehension.

Here is the official Tweet from LTFRB:

The official document published by LTFRB via Scribd:
As said, the LTFRB would like you to Retweet the information to spread the news. This is a crucial move, specially for the public utility vehicles users; It is you who are on the road and maybe encountered one or two of the vehicles listed here, so your contribution to solving this rampant issue in our public road and public transportation in general is of very high value.

This is the power of micro-blogging, social media and crowd sourcing! It is great that we have publications like these to make us aware of what we are dealing with on the roads in our daily urban chores. By having this data published, the illegal operators with their Colorum units would think twice in going out in the public again. But then, this document alone does not suffice to solve the problem. Proper implementation and enforcement of the law (though this has been repeated countless times already) are still the main elements.

Do you find this list of  "Public Utility Vehicles Complained to LTFRB via Twitter" useful and inspiring? Why don't you participate and report your own findings and experiences on the road? The Twitter handle of LTFRB is: @LTFRB_Official

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