Skeleton Found in Mafia Owned Pizzeria in Milan

Skeleton Found in Mafia Owned Pizzeria in Milan -- During a renovation process, human remains were found inside a pizzeria in the town of Lecco north of Milan. The said property was once under the ownership of Ndrangheta, a criminal organization in Italy, centered in Calabria. Police said that the skeletons could be linked to some mafia activities in the area.
Ndrangheta Pizza
A pizzeria, in the town of Lecco north of Milan, owned by 'Ndrangheta 
Ndrangheta is seen as a bigger threat compared to the better known and established Sicilian Mafia - Cosa Nostra. The former invested on drug trafficking businesses and operated across northern Italy, including Milan, the country's capital. They became famous out of black mailing and extortion.

The Ndrangheta also made a remarkable legacy of establishing branches abroad, including countries like Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico and the United States.

On Wednesday last week, Italian police conducted raids against the group's racket involving slot machines; The authorities seized about 90 million euros worth of assets. An alleged godfather in the city of Ravenna in Emilia-Romagna was also arrested.

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