Beware of the New Year Smog

Beware of the New Year Smog -- Planning to ply the major thoroughfares of the metro during the new year's eve or the following day? January 1st of 2013 will be a sure new day and some of us could be traveling to parks or amusement facilities, so be warned of the possible layers of smog due to firecrackers - it can bring poor visibility on the road, thereby road accident is highly probable to happen.
In the light of this new year event, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) warned the motorists to become alert at all times.

Director Ramon Santiago, chief of the MMDA’s Directorate for Special Operations said:
Thick smog can cause limited or even poor visibility that could affect motorists, can pose danger to drivers and other road users
During the first hours of Christmas, we see layers of smog from closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras so we want to advise the motorists
Smog also has harmful effects in the body, exposure to smog can cause breathing difficulties and can develop respiratory ailments
It is good that some Local Government Units (LGUs) are trying to curb any possible incidents by controlling their Barangay jurisdiction in terms of using fire crackers and such. Some control the intensity of use, while some dedicated certain areas or spots where well-wishers of the year 2013 can use their fire crackers.


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