Makati Police Launches Security Plan for Malls in the Metro

Makati Police Launches Security Plan for Malls in the Metro -- Following the recent robbery of a jewelry shop inside SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City, Makati City police launched its program for a coordinated scheme.
According to Makati Police chief Sr. Supt. Manuel Lukban, there has to be full coordination among the security personnel and managers of the malls in the metro.
We have launched a joint security scheme. This will involve the coordination between the city police and all the security managers of the malls and department stores
From this time on, uniformed police officers will not be allowed to conduct patrols inside the shopping malls and department stores. The jurisdiction should be left in full to the security guards on duty. Added Lukban:
This will be a coordinated move. Hindi pa rin pwede ang uniformed police officers sa loob ng establishments
Sometime in 2009, members of the Alvin Flores robbery gang, disguised as police officers entered the Greenbelt 5 mall in Makati City and robbed away some exclusive watches worth around P6 million.

It is good that plans like these are being made transparent and known to the general public but to some degree, it also serves as a buzzer to any future robbery plans. Since would-be robbers know that police officers will no longer be allowed to patrol inside the malls, they can just devise another strategy to carry out their plans - perhaps, disguise as security guards? Just thinking out loud.

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