Door-to-Door Express Delivery of Fresh Foods From Japan to Asia Will be Available Soon

Home Delivery of Fresh Foods From Japan to Asia , Soon to be Available -- If you are in Asia and has been longing for an express door-to-door delivery of fresh goods such as fruits and fishery products from Japan, then Japan Airlines Co. and Japan Post Co. have just answered you. As of fresh news, the two companies opened a joint business to render home delivery services to Japan's neighboring Asian countries  and they will be starting in April.
This move is seen to facilitate Japan's farming and fishery ventures, parallel to its rise in the number of visitors and economic expansion.

Using special cool boxes developed by Japan Airlines or JAL, the products will be preserved at 2 to 10 C for 72 to 80 hours, thereby allowing the express delivery of products such as melons, cheese, crabs and sashimi, among many others in the long list.

Delivery cost will be charged from 7,000 yen to 24,600 yen for products up to 15 kilograms. Japan Post President Shinichi Nabeshima at a news conference in Tokyo, said:
Though home delivery of cold foods is common in Japan, it is not widespread overseas
There is a growing need among people who visited Japan from Asian countries to bring home food items as souvenirs and place orders after they go home.
From JAL President Yoshiharu Ueki:
The new service, utilizing our cooling technology and Japan Post's EMS (express mail service), will provide greater convenience and speed.
This home delivery service will be running until March next year on a trial run. It will be using two post offices in Hokkaido and Kanagawa prefectures in collecting shipment items. The venture hopes to expand to Hong Kong, Shanghai and South Korea.

Source: Kyodo News /

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