Tummy Talk Video (Human Epic Drumsolo) - Drummers on a Samoan's Tummy [VIDEO]

Human Epic Drumsolo - Drummers on a Samoan's Tummy [VIDEO]: Thinking out loud, this can be an indoor exercise too and with all the cleverness of these three (3) drummers using a Samoan's tummy and other parts of his upper body, the performance is indeed worthy of a video to share this afternoon.
Courtesy of Sqwak.Com
These drummers greatly laid down "sweet beats" on the man's tummy (swollen and red after), which they call "Tummy Talk" and they are addictive to listen, at least with the music taste that I got. Well, honestly, I could listen to a multitude of drum beats like this while traversing my daily route from home to office work and vice versa. Beats got no lyrics to disturb and prompt you from contemplating on the textual meaning. They are great means to enliven one's adrenalin and mood. But that's just me.
Let's try this Tummy Talk video below:
According to information from http://www.nohazik.com, these percussionists have been doing the drums together since their middle school, until college where they got into a percussion ensembles.

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