Groupon Suspends Gun Related Deals, Dealer Complains

Groupon Suspends Gun Related Deals, Dealer Complains -- Coming from multiple incidences of shootings in the past months and maybe years or so, selected big companies in the US got all the valid reasons and initiative to call for suspension on some of its business deals. Just like Groupon, which started to explore "firearm-related deals including shooting ranges and concealed weapons courses for the last eight months", it had to halt its gun-related deals feature due to calls for a policy change.
The policy change took effect on Friday last week, but at least one Gun Shop owner Michael Cargill of Central Texas complained about his almost-sure 50% deal for a certain "concealed handgun license classes for beginners". His deal was cut middle way through. Cargill said he received no warning regarding the cancellation of his campaign.

At the moment, Cargill is scouring the ways on how to use his legal options regarding the matter. He is also trying to call on the supporters of gun rights to boycott Groupon. Cargill said the company has not paid him yet, out of the shares of the vouchers sold before the deal cancellation.

Groupon is not the only company that is looking into rethinking its gun policies and other related deals. A 3-D printer company MakerBot is also trying to see if its going to enforce a ban on its downloadable designs for printable gun parts.

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