Google Adds New Details to North Korea Map

Google Adds New Details to North Korea Map (adds positions of roads, labor camps, parks and monuments) -- With its move to present the cities of the world into click-able and viewable online digital maps, Google stamped another milestone for North Korea; One of the known most secretive cities. For now, there are new added details to the country's roads, parks, as well as monumental landmarks and camps.
North Korea Google Map Withtout Details
Map of North Korea Before the Details
With the help of its Map Maker tool, Google published on Tuesday some more details of North Korea online map, wherein people can now access selected satellite images and even actual photos submitted by some online users. This is indeed a big step forward, looking back from what information the other parts of the world have in the past.
North Korea Google Map With Details
Map of North Korea With the Details
Said Jayanth Mysore, senior product manager at Google Map Maker:
While many people around the globe are fascinated with North Korea, these maps are especially important for the citizens of South Korea who have ancestral connections or still have family living there
One of the main contributors to these new map details of North Korea is Sebastiaan van Oyen, an Australian trade worker living in Sydney. He said he wanted to go to North Korea but since it was not mapped, he had a hard time figuring out how to travel within the cities there.

Well, perhaps Google really made a big bold move towards North Korea. Google's executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, had a visit to Pyongyang and staged a call on the regime to either open up its doors to the Internet tools and media or continue living in isolation and perhaps, economic decline.

For now, Google map users of the world can get a much detailed information of North Korea's  buildings, subways, parks and other important landmarks.

Of course there are still a bunch of things to do with this part of Korea's digital representation but at least, the country is realizing the vital roles of the Internet. Online mapping tools are indeed the ways to go, if a country wants to join the "global digital circles of the curious minds". There are security concerns involved but heck, I guess most corners of the world are now in a map and everyone can have access to them by just sitting in front of their computers.

Keeping the details of a country or city's infrastructures has its own set of demerits and implications to urban and regional planning. Basically, it limits the planners and engineers to get a broader grip of sets of data to be used in the planning process or even in the problem scoping stage. For the part that I always do in my office, a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) map with vague road technical descriptions would mean huge assumptions of the ground truths and that would further mean, less accurate solutions and measures. The contention is that, bigger brackets of value assumptions means bigger errors and discrepancy. Concrete example is the case of some Australians who bought iPhone 5 during its early release - only to know that their iPhones got map glitches and it brought them some 70km away from where they really want to go.


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