Explosion Behind Palma Hall, UP Diliman

Explosion Behind Palma Hall, UP Diliman -- Breaking news has it today (Monday), actually, barely about 2 hours ago, that a certain explosion took place inside the University of the Philippines, Diliman, behind Palma Hall.  Police corrected the initial reports that what exploded was a certain vintage bomb; It was caused by a pillbox, the authority said.
Photo by Kiss Tañedo at http://kisschronicled.blogspot.com
At least 2 construction workers were hurt during the explosion. They were rushed to the East Avenue Medical Center for treatment right after the incident.

I am getting some level of premonition, I hope it won't happen, that a certain incident is likely to occur during the upcoming UP Fair, which will be from February 12 until the 16th. If you have been tuning into the news in the past, a lot of fraternity related violence and casualties, took place during the celebration of UP Fair. So, take extra care and vigilance if you plan to attend the event.

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