Confessions of a Traffic Cop (Mike Brucks)

Confessions of a Traffic Cop (Mike Brucks) -- Traffic officer Mike Brucks estimated a total ticket issuance of about 40,000, where most of which were issued while riding Kawasaki and Harley-Davidson big-motor touring bikes. Brucks joined the army and the El Paso Police Department as a traffic cop. His 22 years of experience being a traffic officer is surely a book to read on to learn significant lessons regarding transportation, traffic law enforcement, driving practices and road courtesy.
According to the statements of Brucks, most of the reasons of the tickets he issued were:
  • Seatbelts, cell phones, red lights, and stop signs
There are some cops who write tickets for expired plates, for having no insurance or registration, but you're not going to crash because of any of that. I focused on safety issues — that's what I like to do.
On those regard, I think most of us here in the metro are guilty. You can easily find a taxi cab with defective or totally useless seat belts. Using cellular phones while driving is rampant, while beating the red light and ignoring traffic signs are like vices being committed on a daily basis. Add the relentless habit of the taxi drivers asking for additional charges aside from the meter drops then you have a perfect menu of taxi commuting in the Philippines. Well, at least we got Mabuhay taxi of Davao City with ATM and Debit Card payment system.

When asked about "What can a driver say to get out of a ticket"
When someone tells me that a family member has just been sent to the hospital and they're on their way, how can I ticket them for that? I tell them that they're not being safe, that they need to slow down and stay safe. That's about it. 
I think now it's much more of a rat-race world than it was 30 years ago. The workforce has generated that. People have to be at work on time or risk getting fired, kids have to be picked up and taken places—it's just citizens in a hurry. Ninety-eight percent of the people I stop are law-abiding good citizens, and they say they have no reason to speed. That's an easy ticket. They're not happy, but I could go months without any problems, without anyone cussing me out. I wrote a lot of warnings, too, but it all depends on the situation, if they were being safe.
Brucks encountered different types of road speeders, with their multitude of versions of reasons why they speed. It is great that in most of Mike's apprehensions, humane consideration is always at the back of anything, no matter what.

It is understandable that in every country, city or locality, attitudinal aspect can be totally different. But if you bring the kind of traffic officer Brucks here in the Philippines, he would be having a very different kind of situation. Of course, there is always the erring traffic enforcers on the road but among the pressing issues bothering our traffic law enforcers and even the police forces, is discipline and high regard of the law itself. I hope that traffic safety shall become one of the top concerns of both motorist and traffic law enforcers in Metro Manila.

Mike Brucks maybe one of the typical police cops that you see on the road everyday but if you think a little bit deeper, he is the kind of guy with one of the possibly tough jobs in the world but still, he is able to retain his basic human considerations, heart and innate priority towards public safety and security, even though most violate traffic rules and regulations.

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