China's Amusing Rules on Shanghai-Beijing Bullet Train Attendants

China's Amusing Rules on Shanghai-Beijing Bullet Train Attendants -- You must have heard about the amazing and sometimes seen as weird innovations in Japan or maybe Korea and China and other neighboring countries, but things should not go that far to realize the essence of the word "amazing". This time around, we got the rules on Shanghai-Beijing bullet train attendants, wherein they got to comply with certain conditions before they can actually land a spot in the transport industry.
In a mission to set themselves from the rest of the crowd, aspiring China bullet train (Gaotie (高铁) ) attendants need to observe the following rules:
  • Smile with only eight front teeth showing - at least project an image that an attendant has just gone from a chopstick-biting training.
  • Smile through the eyes. A training for this is set to cover everything but the eyes of the train attendant candidates and then smile to each other.
  • The ability to carry out impressive talent shows. I don't exactly know this but as it sounds, it has to be tough.
  • Provide the 5S service to the passengers. This refers to: smile, speed, standards, sincerity and satisfy.
Shanghai-Beijing bullet train attendants made a public debut sometime in June 2011. They were pet named as "high-speed sisters" (高姐) by the Chinese Internet users. The said attendants are composed of 313 ladies and are between the ages of 19 and 22. Their heights are not below 165 centimeters tall (five feet, five inches). The attendants were selected from the 3,000 applicants from all over China.

Do you think Philippines can also imitate this? I mean, it would be really amazing if those 5S things will be observed in our own local train facilities. Well, taking a train service in the country involves tough considerations too, from the side of the passengers. If you happen to be a train passenger in our own local train services, you would even have to consider the tellers' mood swings, temper and courtesy.

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  1. I think our local train services need a drastic makeover, people need to be more disciplined when they board and lave the train, and I think an attendant would help improve the service.