Boeing 787 Grounded by US Federal Aviation Administration Due to Battery Concerns

US Federal Aviation Administration Grounds Boeing 787 Due to Battery Concerns -- Boeing Co's 787s have been grounded by the US Federal Aviation Administration (USFAA) on matters of battery issues, wherein a second incident just happened earlier which caused one of the Dreamliner passenger jets to make an emergency landing in Japan.
Boeing 787
Unless  Boeing can demonstrate that the lithium ion batteries involved in the said accident are already safe, the airline's flights will be on the pending mode.

This is potentially a dramatic drag to Boeing's revenue, since hours after the FAA's announcement, the shares of the airline company fell to 2%.

According to Ken Herbert, an analyst at Imperial Capital in San Francisco, ultimately, this may turn out as a positive thing for the airline, if they can work out things out of this incident and thereby strengthen people's confidence on safety. In the short term though, things maybe a bad token. This may force the company to delve on a sudden significant investments.

The Boeing 787 units, costing US$207 million, are actually a leap in terms of design and build but they have been distorted by the cost overruns and delays. Some analysts say that these may have been some of the causes why the issue on battery vulnerability exists.

Lithium-ion batteries are known to catch fire easily when overcharged, Boeing's chief engineer for the 787, Mike Sinnett said last week. The said battery of course is not the only battery that can be had but "it was the right choice".

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