Comelec Rules for Bloggers and Social Media Publications

COMELEC Rules for Bloggers and Social Media Publications -- Bloggers, Twitter, Facebook and other social media users better be aware of the standing rules published by the Philippine's Commission on Elections. There is the Resolution No. 9615, which stipulates the use of social media tools pertaining to the upcoming national elections this month of May.
COMELEC demands that any involvement of the bloggers and netizens as a whole in a political campaign must be disclosed, no matter if it is paid or not.

Comelec Resolution No. 9615 states in Section 1 under "Definitions", Item No. 4 and No.5:
4) ... Political advertising includes matters, not falling within the scope of personal opinion, that appear on any Internet website, including, but not limited to, social networks, blogging sites, and micro-blogging sites, in return for consideration, or otherwise capable of pecuniary estimation.
5) The terms “blog” and “collective blog” refer to websites on which an individual or group of users, respectively, record news, opinions, and information, in varying degrees of regularity. A “micro-blog” refers to a blogging format which allows users to exchange small elements of content – referred to variously as posts or status updates – such as short sentences, individual images, or links to video material uploaded to the Internet.
As you should be aware, there are restrictions in the ways you should be campaigning or advertising for a certain candidate. So aside from making sure that you execute your rights via online tools such as blogs and other social media tools the legal way, you should also take note of the times / dates that you are allowed to do so. Take a look at the table provided by the COMELEC via its website.

Elective Office Start End
Candidates for Senator & Party-List groups participating in the party-list system of representation 12 February 2013 (Tuesday) 11 May 2013 (Saturday)
Candidates for Members of the House of Representatives, regional, provincial, city and municipal officials 29 March 2013 (Friday) 11 May 2013 (Saturday)
Just so you know, to avoid any unnecessary inconveniences later. If you would like to read COMELEC Resolution 9615 in full or prefer to download it, you may find it here.