Manila Welcomed 2013 with 20 Babies

Manila Welcomed 2013 with 20 Babies -- As part of writing Philippine's population record of 93 million, Manila welcomed the year 2013 with 20 babies born, at least as per record from Fabella Hospital in Santa Cruz (Manila) district.
Out of the twenty (20) babies, seven (7) were delivered via cesarian section, while four (4) were by bridge and forceps. On the other hand, nine (9) babies were born through normal method. Interestingly, 20 babies were also born at Fabella Hospital in 2012.

In other news on welcoming the new year, the Metropolitan got reminded of the start of the national gun ban on January 13 until June 12 for the coming May elections and also, the higher tobacco and alcohol prices due to the recently approved Sin Tax law.

FYI: As per World Bank data, the Philippine population is currently 94,852,030.

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