YouTube Features Rewind YouTube Style 2012

YouTube Features Rewind YouTube Style 2012 -- YouTube finally released its year end mashup video featuring Psy's Gangnam Style, a dance cum music (single) video that hit the YouTube land of the virals since July 2012. Rewind YouTube Style contains the top "culturally defining moments of 2012" seen through the video sharing site.
As part of celebrating Psy's achievement for the "most watched music video", YouTube made its logo with cartoonized image of Psy doing the horse dance. If you ever get to see it till its on, Psy's image actually moves with the dance as you mouse over it. Watch the full video below:
Do you recognize the artist references used in the collaborative music video project? Here goes the participating YouTube artists:

Walk off the Earth -
AlphaCat -
KassemG -
DailyGrace -
MysteryGuitarMan -
DaveDays -
DeStorm -
PyroBooby -
BarelyPolitical -
RealAnnoyingOrange -
FreddieW -
CorridorDigital -
RhettAndLink -
Smosh -
FeliciaDay -
ChesterSee -
iJustine -
EpicMealTime -
MyHarto -
JennaMarbles -
ShitGirlsSay -
JuicyStar07 -
GloZell -
ClevverTV -
SmoshGames -
HuskyStarcraft -
RyanHiga -
Plus a lot more.

This is directed by Peter Furia.

You could be watching this soon to become plague-like video in your on-board vehicle video player so beware. Be safe; Watch the video with your car pulled over or better yet, download a copy of its mp3 format and stuff it into your audio player devices.

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