Renewing License at LTO Can Drive You Nuts

Renewing License at LTO Can Drive You Nuts -- Are you a recent or maybe a long time client of the Land Transportation Office (LTO), Central Office? How did your license acquisition or renewal go through?

Here's to share to you some of the gripes of a concerned citizen, who still thought of improving and renewing LTO's system after a tedious and disappointing experience in renewing her expired driver's license. First, since her license expired 2 years ago, she was advised to go through the whole of license application again, which means that she needed to undergo driving, as well as practical and written exams all over again, knowing the fact that she has been a license holder for over 40 years.
Maria Luisa said that long years of keeping the license expired and not renewed really do happen to people working overseas. Unfortunately, she had to go through visiting a dirty place outside the LTO compound for her urine sample and drug test and pay P300 without receipt. Next, she paid for eye test worth P100, with no receipt too.

During her supposed examination time, she had to wait for about 15 minutes because the test papers went out of copies. She suggested that why not have those test papers "mimeographed in big quantity" to save time and cost?

After her exam, she and other examinees had to wait under the shade of a certain jack fruit tree for the orientation. Doesn't LTO dedicate a room for this purpose, knowing the fact that they are receiving similar clients with common type of transactions everyday? I am sure they can dedicate ample funds for support facilities such as collection areas and the like, for the purpose of briefing and orientation.

There were also added payments for those who came without cars - they had to rent for P250 for the car and P150 for the motorcycle. For so many years already, I bet LTO is already capable of buying its own test vehicles for the customers to use and not succumb to the rental craze.

And here comes the major confusion when you are about to complete your license application ordeal - will you be applying for License No. 4 or No. 2? FYI, Driver’s license No. 4 is a license for "automatic cars only" while Driver’s license No. 2 is for "both automatic and manual".

Come on, whats the logic in there? If you can drive a manual transmission vehicle, driving an automatic car will be a breeze. Life should be easy with the license classification.

Notes and Suggestions
On the final notes, I can't believe that despite the seemingly "intensive campaign" of the government towards the eradication of fixers in the government line agencies, they still exist. I guess they are destined to be there until forever. Try to pass the vicinity of LTO and you will be greeted by a bunch of fixers. If you are new or maybe lax in helping the way towards a fixer-free Metropolitan, you would probably submit to the fixers sweet talks. Perhaps, it is also high time to really engage with telematics and automated services, where human intervention is very minimal if not totally absent.

It is also important to keep in mind that in situations like these, an applicant should go directly to where they should proceed and totally ignore the middlemen trying to get into the process of application. They want that opportunity to impose their way in order to get a portion of your hard earned money. Never execute any payments without a valid receipt in return.


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