Make a Coffee Stirrer Out of Your Instant Coffee Sachet

Make a Coffee Stirrer Out of Your Instant Coffee Sachet -- For the mobile persons or even corporate individuals out there who often take instant coffee in the office during break times, you might be interested with this small tweak with your disposable coffee sachets. You can actually make them as your mobile partners too in stirring your favorite coffee.
Well, the idea just came in, out of a sudden memory of my research days in Japan. A Japanese lab mate and I were having a coffee break; We were out of the usual plastic coffee stirrer that  time. After a while, I saw Kurihara stirring his coffee, slowly but with ease, with his instant coffee sachet. I was like, wow, that's a simple and quick hack, why not? So there I got the idea. I've been practicing the same ever since I came back to the Philippines.

Anyways, as simple as it is, here goes a compilation of photos for you to see what I really mean.
Coffee Stirrer Using Coffee Sachet
Simple and easy, right? Just make sure that your sachets are clean from dusts or other dirts. You should be ready to enjoy your coffee break even when out of spoon or a plastic coffee stirrer.