How I Solved my Reported as Attack Site and Malware Block Issue

How I Solved my Reported as Attack Site and Malware Block Issue -- Yesterday, The Urban Walker got into an ordeal of freeing itself from Google's Blacklist due to malware contents. The main URL including a blogpost were blocked due to "malicious contents". This was the warning message before I got the issue solved.
Upon opening the site using Google Chrome, the details revealed that my site was somewhat infected by scripts from NuffnangX, a sub component of the local Ad Network in Asia - Nuffnang. I had to open my website's main URL to be able to see the HTML source code. Look what I found!
The culprit is there hanging by a certain widget. I went to see my layout setting and I found a HTML widget with the code below. I deleted the whole widget pane then saved the new setting.
Things should have been easy; my site should be back to normal after the diagnosis and house keeping but the thing is, Google blacklisted it and it actually takes time to get the site cleared of its sudden label as "dangerous" and "bearing malware contents". Two (2) reviewers can be invoked in order to remove the flag, 1) Ask Google to evaluate your site or 2) A third party reviewer (StopBadWare).

If you really think that you've done the right thing, that is, you've freed your blog site from the malware being detected, your blacklist / warning should be gone at least within 1 day or so. You may check whether your site is already out of the blacklist or not by using Sucuri SiteCheck ( Here's there result that I got.
Big relief indeed!

You may have done the malware removal but your scan result may still say you are black listed; Just wait til Google scans your blog again to get all the green light statuses. Good luck!

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