Gangnam Style Bus Terminal in Metro Manila

Gangnam Style Bus Terminal in Metro Manila -- It looks like Gangnam made serious rounds not only in the music industry but also in the realm of urban transportation. Hoping to pattern after the Seoul Express Bus Terminal in Gangnam district, Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) is contemplating on the possible building of an integrated terminal within Quezon City, in North Triangle, near Trinoma Mall.
Gangnam Express Bus Terminal in Seoul, Korea
If this goes through, inter-modal transportation in the Metro will face a new set of challenges.There will be new passenger demands, transport planning, traffic administration and so on to take care of. However, under the premise of transportation improvement, this is just in time. An integrated terminal facility has long been called for in this busy region of the country. Let us see how the city will react to the urban development of this intensity.
Perspective of the Vetris North (
Below is the statement of Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya to
Yung sa Ayala, it's because they are already in the Trinoma area. Most likely they might submit an unsolicited proposal for this. That is allowed, not prohibited. But this will be subject to a Swiss challenge
With this project, the DOTC will be constructing three (3) terminals that will collect and connect the commuters coming from the provinces to the train lines, buses, taxi and public utility vehicles of the metropolitan. Above all, this will be an easy access to MRT-3, LRT 1 and LINE 2.

Secretary Abaya further revealed:
The integrated transport system will be intermodal with 3 locations. One is at FTI - there you have SLEX (South Luzon Expressway) and PNR (Philippine National Railways). Then the Trinoma North Triangle area, you have MRT-3, LRT-1 and eventually MRT-7, and the buses coming from Mindanao Avenue, it falls in that area. The other one is at the Coastal mall, the reclamation area, Cavitex and at the same time LRT-1 will go through the station
Hopefully we can bid it out first quarter or first semester. The construction period is a year and a half
Prior to the coming of this news or at least making it to publication, you probably saw the ongoing development of the area (Vetris North) beside Trinoma Mall, the one that is facing Veterans Memorial Medical Cener; Ayala Land is on the work on it and sooner or later, it will have 45 towers comprised of offices, retails space and hotels, as well as residential buildings and open spaces. It will be a work in progress over the span of ten (10) years.

Urban development is a give and take business; There are thrills over new facilities and systems but there are also apprehensions on how the city will address the oncoming flow of planning, engineering and maintenance. But then again, the much bigger concern is, how things can be maintained and sustained.

Anyway, we are yet to see how the integrated terminal would look like, so hopefully we can have ideas as time pass by. Let's see if I can gather related materials regarding this huge urban project in Quezon City.

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