Chinese Delicacy: Hairy Crabs of Eastern China

How About a Plateful of Hairy Crabs? Will you be resisting or indulging the temptation? Whether you do both or choose any of the possibilities, crabs are no doubt like precious ancient delicacies that never goes out of style. In autumn, should you find yourself walking the streets of Shanghai, never go home without tasting the Hairy Crabs of China's eastern region.
The famous hairy crabs are known as one of the greatest autumn delicacies of eastern China. It is a perfect treat along with the harvest season of fruits and vegetables in the country. The female hairy crabs ripen in the 9th lunar month, while the males are in the 10th. They continue to take the seat of seduction of the diet conscious people until the end of the year. And as you know, there are Chinese hairy crabs recipe for those who have difficulties in eating crabs. You really can never get pass the ordeal without the closest encounter with the said hairy crabs.

Here are some of the few tips on how to eat hairy crabs (
  1. Don't over-stuff yourself before the crab arrives because they are really worth waiting for.
  2. Order both the male and female crabs - they taste different but all great to savor.
  3. Consider wearing gloves and bib - cracking the crab legs is enjoyable with the bare hands plus, eating them gets messy along the way.
  4. Eat all you can. Dig into the crab's body and take out all of the meats that you can manage.
  5. Since crab meats are known cold, traditional Chinese practice suggest eating them with something hot, which could be wine or ginger tea. It will also balance your diet during the crab encounter.
A no-no to write on the list though - never eat the crab's heart. It's the "grey flap of rubbery flesh" that can be found tucked in the middle of the crab's body. The crab's heart is colder than its meat.

If you are picky and feels like eating the meat in a jiffy and without the burden of dismantling the parts, might as well order the dishes made with already excavated meats of the crab from the shells. You can also try the legs that are stir-fried with asparagus. It can also be taken with tofu or take the dumplings.

Do you eat crabs? What are the crab dishes you love? I am sure you would love to munch over a pale of hairy crabs at any random time.



  1. I am a lazy one when it comes to crabs that's why I rarely eat crabs but I do like the taste especially when mixed with other flavorings.

  2. I don't go anywhere near a place that sells food with hair however delicious it is. I am just not that adventurous yet when it comes to food. That's why I would never ever join Survivor.. because I am definitely not going to survive hehe.

  3. crabs, oh well, crabs. haha. my all time favorite. and i like my crabs simply steamed:) i havent tried a hairy crab though and i must have to. hehe. nice tips you have there :)

  4. Oh I love eating crabs with my bare hands but I liked it flaked as well and sauteed in butter. Sinful.

    You gave really useful tips here how to eat a crab.

  5. I have been to Shanghai but I have not heard about this delicacy. Then again we went there in April before. This is a must-try if we get a chance to return. Hair aside, this should taste like regular crab, right? Or does it have a distinct taste of its own?

  6. I love crabs! I eat any dish with it. These hairy crabs look interesting. Do they remove the hair when cooking?

  7. Crabs is my kind of seafood, even if I am allergic to seafood's it never stopped me from eating crabs. Hope I will have a chance to taste this hairy kind crabs =)

  8. There are wide variety of pinoy crab recipes at the most easy and convenient way of preparing and cooking. The crab pinoy style. Simmered crab with vinegar, black pepper corns, garlic, and cooking oil.I just love crab dishes.

  9. I love ginataang alimasag and the crab recipe cooked in oyster sauce. But I tend to always buy female crabs hehe

  10. Ay gusto ko yan, kahit hairy p yan. LOL! Gustong gusto ko seafood - steam or gata p yan and then put some chili powder pra ma infuse more ang flavor.

  11. Crab is my favorite seafood, but I don' think I'll enjoy that hairy one. Baka mawalan po ako ng gana :(

  12. I love eating crabs despite having seafood allergies. Either nilasing, with gata, or Singaporean-style, I enjoy them crabs! :)