Wilcon City Center Visayas Ave: Escalator Incident

Wilcon City Center Visayas Ave: Escalator Incident -- It was suppose to be a simple stop for a merienda at Pancake House this afternoon, after a site visit to one of the LPG refilling stations along Mindanao Avenue. Upon finishing our light meal, we decided to go back to our office confinements. While leaving the establishment, we saw this incident involving a kid of around 5 to 6 years old, with his right hand stuck with the escalator's balustrade.
It was good that the system automatically shut down as soon as the kid's hand slid in. It was also a blessing in disguise that one of my colleagues was nearby the stair so he got the chance to turn the escalator off. He was also the one who called the attention of one of the guards in the area.

The little kid was probably playing around with the hand rail then got his hand sliding down to the bottom of the handrail box. At first, his mother was still with him, trying to comfort him, while the establishment's utility crews started to arrive. Eventually, the mother seem to have gotten pissed off, yelled to her son that his hand is going to be cut then she stood away, watching.

I was disgusted, more so with the slow crisis management and response that Wilcon City Center people have showed. Imagine the kid with his hand stuck under an escalator handrail, struggling from pain and without any comforting words from his "mother".
Aside from quick response and initiative, my colleague remarked that perhaps Wilcon can just install a detection system that will trigger the shutting down of the escalator, once a certain level of resistance is sensed at the handrails or steps.

Since, the technicians seemed to have gotten a hard time opening the assembly panel receiving the handrails, maybe a few modification can help to lessen the lag time to respond any future incidents like this one. A considerably easy to open mechanism may help.

Parents should also be very mindful of their kids. Don't just set them loose and let them play anywhere they want. Watch for your kids! You don't want any of them to go home with just one arm, less than a finger or two, or maybe toes.

We left the scene without knowing or seeing whether the kid's hand was removed from being stuck in the escalator's handrail. I hope he got through and got his hand out safely, in complete piece.

Lesson? Beware and do not underestimate escalators because they can be amputating machines.

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  1. Anonymous11/11/2012

    All escalators must be inspected to ensure public safety. It's the law! Unfortunately; children are most at risk.