Troops Wipe Out Playground [VIDEO] - Tragic Scene in Syria

Troops Wipe Out Playground [VIDEO]; Tragic Scene in Syria -- If you've been watching over the news regarding war-stricken Syria, you probably know what I will be buzzing on, just a little bit to spur an ounce of your curiosity and perhaps a sense of the real score in the on-going conflict between the rebels and the Syrian government led by Assad.
In one online news titled "Assad's Troops Wipe Out a Playground Full of Children in Syria", I saw a link to a YouTube video showing the aftermath of the innocent killings in Syria. It is sad that no matter how these young kids wanted to live longer to enjoy more carefree day or fulfill their dreams in life, which maybe, one of them is bringing peace to their lands, the minute chance is DEAD.

Here is the video (but please be warned of its gruesomeness, as it is very graphic).
Apparently, a group of kids enjoying their usual rounds of playtime in one playground in Syria when an unexpected airstrike happened. It was meant to target the rebels in the area but so horribly, the price is so unpalatable at its peak. The scene is so heartbreaking, seeing the lifeless bodies of the young ones with their parents seemingly losing sanity.

This is just one of the multitudes of casualties brought about by the 20-month civil war in Syria. Let's hope and pray that things will be taken care of, the soonest time possible.

Source: / Yahoo News

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