No Refunds for Overcharges Yet, Says Telcos

No Refunds for Overcharges Yet, Says Telcos -- The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) said that Smart, Sun and Globe Telecom Inc. failed to relay on to consumers the supposed savings from the reduced "interconnection charge" that it had issued in an October 2011 memorandum. Telcos are expected to refund millions of pesos to their subscribers as a result of the lowered text messaging charges, from P1 to 80 centavos.
Contrary to what NTC claims, Smart said:
First, our position is there is no basis for finding that Smart has violated the NTC memorandum circular and overcharged its subscribers
Smart has already complied with this circular..  The said circular did not order mobile phone operators to reduce retail rates that are charged to customers
Smart further argued that as can be found in the existing law and NTC regulations, a SMS or text message is a "deregulated service".

Moreover,  Sun Cellular said it would contest the NTC decision. Whereby, lawmakers of the country urged the telephone companies to comply with the NTC order and refund the millions of pesos to their subscribers, wherein estimates show that the amount ranges from P1.4 billion to as much P7 billion.


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