Homeless Families in London to be Expelled by Councils

Homeless Families in London to be Expelled by Councils -- With budgets cuts happening all across the globe, the Philippines is not alone when it comes to managing homeless citizens. At the moment, London, a region in the UK with 5,206/km2 (13,466/sq mi) population density is facing a tough decision making cue. It is now preparing to send thousands of "homeless families to live in temporary homes outside the capital" due welfare cuts from April next year.
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The rising rents in London is also seen as another driving factor for the councils to really relocate its homeless households into the cheaper areas. The less privileged residents will be living in quite a distant place from the core of the region where major economic activities are taking place - closely similar to what has been happening to the informal settlers in the Philippines, specially those in the national capital region; They were sent to a housing location where they can barely have an access to basic services and opportunities. It is both a challenge in terms of budget management, taking care of the poor and at the same time, keeping their rational proximity to sources of basic necessities.

The London councils have acquired rental properties in Luton, Northampton, Broxbourne, Gravesend, Dartford, Slough, Windsor, Margate, Hastings, Epping Forest, Thurrock and Basildon and even as far as Manchester, Hull, Derby, Nottingham, Birmingham and Merthyr Tydfil in south Wales. Wild guess would be, these areas are going to be the new abode for the homeless families of London.

I would like to see this case being taken as a strong reference and learning avenue for Metro Manila as it pave its way in realizing Metro Manila GreenPrint 2030.

Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk

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