Recalled Korean Noodles From Nongshim Co. Ltd., Cancer-Causing Substance Detected

Recall Order of Korean Noodles With Cancer-Causing Substances Ordered by DFA -- You must have been hearing about these selected Korean Noodles on the hot seat in the morning and prime time news. Apparently, certain Korean noodle products were found to have contained benzopyrene, a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon found in coal tars. For the quick and concise information, benzopyrene or Benzo[a]pyrene can cause cancer to humans.
On Saturday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Philippines ordered the recall of the following noodles:
  1. Nongshim Big Bowl Noodle Shrimp
  2. Nongshim Negori noodles in hot, multi hot and mild variations
  3. Nongshim Saengsaeng Udon Bowl Noodle; and 
  4. Nongshim Saengsaeng Udon
If you are keeping any of the above mentioned noodles, take your best and on time action now! As per FDA's statements:
The Philippine government mandate is to protect consumer and is taking regulatory steps to ensure that these products will be off the market shelves immediately
These same brand noodle products will not be permitted in the market in the future until and unless tested and cleared by competent authorities
The FDA called on the public to be vigilant about products, specially those that are manufactured by Nongshim Co. Ltd. Consumers should avoid buying such products or in case, dispose them if some are still in their possession.

Make sure to mark the above-mentioned list of recalled Korean noodles for you and your family's safety.

China, Korea and Taiwan health authorities already ordered the removal of the said recalled items from store shelves.

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