Mitsuyado Sei-Men Opens Branch in Makati City

Mitsuyado Sei-Men Opens Branch in Makati City -- First branch outside Japan, Mitsuyado Sei-Men is a sister company of the UCC chain of Japanese coffee shops in Metro Manila. It opened early this month and has quickly got considerable following because of its freshly made ramen and novel pairings of dishes.

Mitsuyado Sei-Men is new to join the circle of specialty restaurants in the country and no doubt, it will be sailing smooth in the noodle craze that has been going on in many business districts of Metro Manila.

One of the unique features of the ramen house is its glass-encased room located near the entrance where customers can see the crews making the ramen using Japanese flour. I've been to several ramen restaurants in Japan and this feature is very common. Just like most of the sushi bars around where you can see the chefs doing the sushi piece right in front of you. They make while you wait.

One of the famous selections in  Mitsuyado Sei-Men is its "Tsukemen" or dipping noodles. Here is how it looks like:
It is served separate from the broth. The diner needs to dip the noodles into the hot soup before eating. Just like when you eat soba (buckwheat) noodles where you have to dip it into a certain broth and is served either chilled with a dipping sauce or in hot soup.

There will be a lot of unique surprises waiting for you at Mitsuyado Sei-Me. If I ever get an ample time, I would definitely have a taste of this long time-missed noodle variety.

How about you, have you been to Mitsuyado Sei-Men? How do you fine the place, in terms of ambiance and customer service quality?

Finally, here's the address and contact information for Mitsuyado Sei-Men:

Mitsuyado Sei-Men
22 Jupiter St., Makati City
Tel. No. (02) 511-1390


  1. Wow! another Ramen house...

  2. This restaurant is really interesting and I want to taste their foods. It looks so delicious. Is this restaurant near in Greenbelt Makati. Thanks.