LRTA to Passengers: Bear With Security Procedures

LRTA to Passengers: Bear With Security Procedures -- You maybe in a rush and even get upset while your precious bags or plastics or whatever you maybe carrying in quite of a bulk, are being searched by the guards posted at the LRT station entrances, but at any rate, you should be bearing the slight delay for the sake of security. Well, one may say that it's just a usual search procedure but still, the guards are just following instructions and doing their jobs. In this connection, the LRTA asked the passengers to extend a little patience when using the train facility. Things are being done to ensure passengers' safety and security.
LRT santolan station lady guard
The general policy is "No Inspection, No Entry", said LRTA officer-in-charge Emerson Benitez said in a statement, and since some of us are kind of very sensitive to even the tiniest facial expression a person does, OIC Benitez, referring to the guards, added that they should:
refrain from making side comments and facial expressions that may be offensive
This is maybe very related to what had hit the news a few hours ago, which escalated to a trending social media mentions under the hash tag #amalayer, wherein a certain lady passenger went off with her heated English discourse with a lady guard stationed at LRT Santolan Station. Apparently, the lady guard scolded the woman for using the wrong entrance. The passenger broke her 2-seconds span patience and started to shout at the security personnel. Did you notice this in your social media accounts too, specially Twitter?

In any case or whatever the verdict is to come out after this encounter at a particular LRT station, the bottom line is still, to observe patience as much as possible and also, read the instructions posted at the facilities you are using to avoid getting into a confrontation.

A little bit of an anger management is needed while using public transport modes and facilities.

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