List of Most Dangerous Toys Released by Consumer Watchdog

List of Most Dangerous Toys Released by Consumer Watchdog -- Preparing to invade the stores for your toy gifts this holiday season? For sure you already got the long list to shop for, in a few days or so. But did you know that there could be unsafe toys in your grocery basket?

The US-based Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) announced its list of unsafe toys this year. The list covers groups of toys that are sound emitting, tiny ones that may cause choking, those that may contain toxic materials and also toys containing powerful magnets that can be fatal if swallowed.
Here is the list of the most dangerous toys, as per information released by the PIRG:

Sound Emitting Toys:
  • Fisher-Price's Dora Guitar - emits more than 85 decibels (dB); noise over 80 dB may damage children's hearing
  • CAT Car Wheel/Horn (by Toy State) - emits more than 85 dB
  • FunKeys Car Keys (by Maison Joseph Battat Ltd.) - this toy can be held close to the ears Since the toy can be held to the ear, the PIRG notes its 80 dB range is too high. "Toys held at the ear can damage hearing at more than 65 dB"
Choking Hazard Toys:
  • Dragster Cars (by Z-Windup)
  • Bowling Game (by Cool Novelty Products)
  • Ball on a stick launcher (by R T Toy Factory)
  • Play Food (by Wal-Mart Stores Inc.)
  • Super Play Food Set (by Geoffrey LLC)
  • Baby's 1st Birthday Balloons and Baby's 2nd Birthday Balloons (by Unique Industries Inc.)
  • Golfing Game (by Aoxing Toys Factory)
Toys with Toxic Materials or Components:
  • Dora backpack (by Global Design Concepts Inc.) - contains phthalates (plasticizer).
  • Morphobot (by GreenBrier International Inc.) -  contains 180 parts per million (ppm) of lead. It violates the 100 ppm standard, according to PIR.
Toys with Dangerous Magnets:
  • Snake Eggs (by GreenBrier International Inc.) - "has a shape for easy swallowing and is said to be designed for children as young as four".
Be mindful of what you buy, specially those that you will give to your kids.


  1. Ei Urban Walker! Thanks for these wonderful tips! Will surely keep those list in mind before buying gifts for the kids this Christmas! :)

  2. Wow, sobra dami naman ng mga na list but anyway thank you bro... the public need to know this stuff para mas safe ang kanilang bibilhin pangregalo this Christmas.

  3. this is a very timely information. it's quite concerning though that these companies produced such toys that can cause harm in children. i wonder how they conducted the product development on this