Rally for the Recognition of Filipino Sign Language and Deaf Access

Rally for the Recognition of Filipino Sign Language and Deaf Access -- Our fellows with disabilities held a rally at the House of Representatives in Quezon City to call for the passage of a certain bill that will declare "Filipino sign language as the national sign language of the Filipino deaf and the official language of the government in all transactions involving the deaf." I am not in full awareness of what has been going on with this case but as per news feature, only English sign language is being practiced.
The protest took place on Nov. 5 (8am), which started from Philcoa and ended in Batasan, along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.

The rally coincided with the Congress Committee on Social Services' Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting to discuss House Bill No. 6079 (An Act Declaring Filipino Sign Language as the National Sign Language of the Filipino Deaf and the Official Language of Government in All Transactions Involving the Deaf, and Mandating Its Use in Schools, Broadcast Media, and Workplaces).

I think these folks deserve the kind of medium that they can use in their daily chores - a medium to access social services which includes banks, malls, clinics and of course, public transport facilities, among many others. But this extends beyond using Filipino sign language per se; The right opportunity should also be rendered, for them to equip themselves in communicating with the rest of the community. The link has to be established. Right tools and equal chance to utilize public amenities should be pondered upon by the government.

Let's hope that this bill gets passed the soonest time possible.

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